May 25, 2016

Liquid biopsy testing underway with Seattle lung cancer patients

Resolution Bioscience of Bellevue, WA announces an ongoing study involving the clinical application of DNA sequencing of circulating tumor DNA in the peripheral blood of lung cancer patients. The study is led by Dr. Keith Eaton, UW Associate Professor of Medicine, and UW Medicine oncologist at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.

Approximately 225,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year in the United States. Many of those diagnosed will have their tumor tissue biopsied and genotyped to allow their oncologist to personalize their treatment regimen. Unfortunately, for some patients, tumor tissue can be difficult or impossible to obtain, and standard tissue genotyping can take weeks, delaying the start of treatment. Blood-based methods, like Resolution Bioscience's proprietary ctDx™ liquid biopsy platform, can circumvent these obstacles with a simple blood draw and rapid turnaround time.

The study is assessing the clinical feasibility and application of liquid biopsy in 50 lung cancer patients at various stages of treatment. It allows estimates of concordance between liquid biopsy and tissue-based methods as well as comparison of turnaround time between assays. The analysis is being performed in Resolution Bioscience's CLIA certified laboratory.

Resolution Bioscience's technology has thus far detected known lung cancer driver mutations, including SNVs, indels, CNVs and fusions, with allelic frequencies as low as 0.4%. Among the mutations detected were MET amplifications, MET splice-site mutations, and ALK and ROS1 fusions. The turnaround time for results from the Resolution analysis averaged 10.9 calendar days, significantly less than many tissue-based assays. Resolution Bioscience also successfully analyzed and returned actionable mutations in multiple patients from which tumor tissue biopsies could not be obtained.

"This study underway offers the opportunity to gain a better understanding of patients' tumors to allow us to seek a more appropriate treatment, especially patients for whom a standard tumor biopsy cannot reasonably be collected," said Eaton.

"We are gratified that application of Resolution Bioscience technology shows promise for cancer patients in our local community," said Mark Li, Resolution Bio CEO. "The collaboration further demonstrates the ability of our ctDx™ platform to detect a comprehensive range of clinically relevant mutations, not just hotspots."

Preparation of a publication describing the results is underway.

About Resolution Bioscience:
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