Mark Li

President and CEO

Mark is an investor and serial entrepreneur. He pioneered early desktop publishing in the book, magazine and multimedia CD-ROM industry while at Ziff-Davis Publishing. He was part of the two-person startup team, which founded Yahoo! Europe and was responsible for starting and overseeing engineering for regional Yahoo!s in 23 countries and languages. Mark's father was a cardiothoracic surgeon and mother was a nurse — dinner table conversations driving home the critical need for better medical technologies and connecting them directly to patient outcomes. Mark's grandfather, Dr. Choh Hao Li, was a pioneering biochemist who first identified, purified and synthesized human growth hormone as well as identifying beta-endorphin amongst other major advancements. He is interested in applying startup methodologies from the tech industry to medical device development. Mark is Resolution Bio’s lead investor.

Christopher K. Raymond, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder

Chris is a renowned inventor and expert in molecular biology and DNA sequencing. Previously, he provided vision and leadership that allowed NuGEN Technologies to rapidly expand into the emerging next- generation sequencing market. While at Merck Research Laboratories, he developed assay technologies that revealed microRNA dynamics in colorectal cancer and global copy number variation in cancer genomes. His intellectual property portfolio has formed the basis of several products commercialized by major life science tools companies. Chris’ work has been published widely in leading scientific journals. He earned Chemistry degrees from the University of California at Santa Cruz (B.S.) and the University of Oregon (Ph.D.).

Lee P. Lim, PhD

Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder

Lee is a pioneer in deciphering the complex biology behind genome sequences. His work has led to fundamental discoveries in basic RNA biology including important contributions to the miRNA field. At Merck Research Laboratories, he pioneered the use of miRNAs as plasma biomarkers, discovered a miRNA component of the p53 tumor suppressor pathway, developed miRNA mimics for anti-cancer therapeutic applications, and uncovered widespread miRNA targeting of transcripts. Lee received a B.S. in Biology from Stanford University and completed his graduate work in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Dr. Phillip Sharp at MIT. His work has been featured in top scientific journals such as Nature, Cell and Science; and is a recipient of the AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize.

Dan DiPasquo

VP Engineering

Dan has built on his core competency as a software developer to take on a variety of start-up roles through his career. As one of the original Yahoo! Search team members, Dan has built large, scalable systems with international deployments. He has been in senior software developer positions, has closed 7-figure major accounts, and has overhauled large partner networks to the effect of quadrupling output. In each case, he has seen that with an agile, customer-led approach, small companies beat well-resourced competitors in rapidly changing industries. At Resolution Bio, he is leading the commercialization of the company's NGS analysis pipeline and the development of its proprietary LIMS. Dan has a B.S. (Computer Science) from Cornell University's College of Engineering.


Maynard Olson, PhD
Co-founder, Human Genome Project; Professor Emeritus, University of Washington; Gruber Prize in genetics; Gairdner Foundation International Award; Member, National Academy of Science; Genetics Society of America Medal.

Christian Burks, PhD
Principal (Scienega); CEO, Ontario Genomics Institute; CSO, Affinium Pharmaceuticals; CIO, Exelixis; PI, LANL (GenBank).

Jong Lee, MBA
Founder, Incyte Medical Consulting, LLC; SVP Marketing & Business Strategy, ConforMIS; Global Account Manager, Monitor Group


Laurance Ferreri, PhD Medical Director

R. Douglas Bradley, JD, PhD Intellectual Property & Transactions

Cooley LLP Law Firm